My taste in Linux: Arch Linux

I began using Linux almost immediately after buying my first computer in grade 11.  I remember ordering Ubuntu off of their ShipIt service.  When I first started using Linux, it could take me days to complete an install.  Then I would invariably crash the whole system within a few days.  Now a Linux install is almost second nature and I use various distributions on all of my devices.  I am not sure if it is Linux that has gotten easier, if it is me that has gotten better or if it’s the fact that I don’t need to wait 2 minutes for Google to get me search results over my parents’ dial-up modem.

Whenever I present tools in the future, I will almost always be discussing them from a Linux perspective.  Fortunately, many projects also work in Windows and Mac OS albeit with the necessary idiosyncrasies.  My preferred “flavor” of Linux is currently ArchLinux.  Really, I support users using whatever operating system they prefer.  There is nothing wrong with Mac, Windows or a Linux distribution.  Different users have different needs and preferences.

I have been using Arch for over a year now and I really appreciate the amount of control it gives me over my operating system and consequentially how I work.  Their community is fantastic and their Wiki is (dare I say) almost complete.  You can always find the information you are looking for or someone to point you in the right direction.

If you are coming to this page from another post:  I highly recommend you try installing Arch Linux (or another flavor such as Ubuntu) in a virtual machine to give it a try.  Most Windows and Mac machines should be able to run VirtualBox without difficulty.  Here is a tutorial on setting up ArchLinux in a VirtualBox.  I was planning on writing my own but then I found that site from Josh Braun and thought better of repeating the effort when such a good guide exists already.  Alongside the ArchLinux Beginners Guide this should allow you to have a smooth and educational introduction to Arch.

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